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Most recently, Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of iconic Sports Illustrated magazine, becoming the first model plus-size to be awarded this honor. But now on TV Ashley road seems to be closed. The NBC and ABC refused to broadcast a promotional video with the participation of Graham and other models with non-standard shapes.

Ashley Graham and other plus-size models

In the video, filmed for the brand of women's clothing Lane Bryant, Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Georgia Pratt and other models with curvaceous appear in his underwear and tell you why they like and what they want for their bodies. Ashley, for example, in the frame shows a few techniques from kickboxing and said that her body is designed to be strong and sexy.

Representatives of NBC and ABC has not yet commented on his refusal to show commercials. It is assumed that this decision is due to the fact that the models in the video have a curvy shape, and not just because they pose in lingerie, as these same channels show videos with other, more lean, poluobnazhennaya girls.

Ashley Graham plus-size models

plus-size models Tara Lynn

plus-size models Georgia Pratt

plus-size models Lane Bryant

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