July 14, 2017

Half-naked Beyonce first showed twins

Half-naked Beyonce first showed twins

The pop diva posted a touching photo. A month ago, the actress became a mother for the second time. For a long time, Beyonce said nothing about kids. It was known only that five daughters celebrity blue ivy have a little brother and sister.

A month ago, popular singer Beyonce became a mother for the second time. She gave her husband, rapper Jay Z, adorable twins. Artist for a long time said nothing to the press about the newborn babies. Celebrity also scored the social network and a half months she said nothing to millions of subscribers in Instagram.

Today, however, the pop diva has pleased followers a new picture. In the pictures she is depicted with two babies on his hands. Is the celebrity appeared half-naked. The star chose a colored cloak, which was covered only by her hands. The head of the actress was decorated with veil blue. Beyonce is situated on a throne made of flowers.

"Sir Carter and Rumi today, one month" - signed picture star.

popular singer Beyonce became a mother for the second time

Fans came to the indescribable delight of such a touching picture. It was nice that Beyonce shared with them a photo of the kids and he was not unlike many celebrities to hide their faces. Just one hour publication was collected about two million likes, and also a huge number of comments and reviews. "What a beautiful name and what a lovely mother", "Congratulations on your little miracle. The twins are beautiful!" "Congratulations," the admired fans. followers also noted that the actress looks great.

It is possible that the way Beyonce has hinted that her children are all in order. Foreign media wrote that the actress went to the hospital for a few days before delivery, in order to keep everything under the control of doctors. Many were worried about the health of her kids.

The birth of twins is also dramatically changed the lives and rapper Jay-Z. Not so long ago he released a new album, which fans felt very personal and honest. Moreover, the man has recorded 11-minute video, which talked about the problems in the family. Spouse Beyonce admitted that their marriage could fall apart because of the deception and innuendo. In one song, the musician focuses on the theme of adultery. Some fans felt that it was the recognition of the artist in treason. Jay-Z spoke about his divorce from Beyonce

"Forgive me, I was particularly interested in, and only the birth of my child made me see the world through the eyes of women, just after the birth of the twins I believe in miracles. (...) And if you would know my children, I don't know what I would do," – said the rapper.

The birth of twins is also dramatically changed the lives and rapper Jay-Z

Jay-Z spoke about his divorce from Beyonce

July 07, 2017

Aliana Ustinenko starts a new life after separation from her husband

The former participant "Houses-2" tries to forget about the past. Says Aliana, she doesn't like tattoos, which she did a few years ago. The young woman decided to get rid of the images on the body.

Aliana Ustinenko starts a new life after separation from her husband

A few weeks ago, Aliana Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov finally parted. According to the man, they realized that they can no longer live together because of the different characters. At the moment the young woman is actively engaged in the promotion of network business, as well as frequently communicates with followers on Instagram. Asserts the former participant of "House-2", it plans to develop further, so the priority it should work.

Besides, Aliana thought about how to reduce tattoo that was done a few years ago. A young woman three images: the image in the form of a tree decorates the lower back, near his collarbone crammed the name of the son in Latin, and another is located at the base of the neck.

"You know, I decided to remove all tattoos from his body. Why? Short answer: religious and aesthetic concepts. In my youth I made them and thought it was cool and beautiful. Now I don't think so, – said Aliana for its followers.

The tattoo that Aliana Ustinenko had dedicated the son

All tattoo removed with a laser. The master effect by using the camera on hammered paint skin. "All of this is excreted by lymph, by the regeneration of the skin," explained the young woman.

As a rule, the procedure of tattoo removal is very painful and costly. However, this has not stopped Aliano. She started to make image in one of the salons native of Volgograd, where he spent a lot of time in recent weeks. Before the young woman left a post on the personal page in which remembered deceased mother, Svetlana Ustinenko.

"And a day without you not a day and life without you is not life... All the soul, all the love in the same person. All the live just about you. Today, you could be 50 years, my favorite mommy. Still hard to realize. I'm not depressed just for the sake of you because I know you're there," wrote the reality star.

Aliana Ustinenko Tattoo removed by laser

In a word, Aliana lives in the house dad with his second family. Relatives often help her cope with her son Robert. Sometimes the boy stays with dad. Alexander doted heir and copes well with his father's duties.

Aliana Ustinenko has also regained some of the Ustinenko surname

Aliana Ustinenko surname

December 17, 2016

Time for fun: Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg in funny outfits at a party in new York

Friday night - time for fun. Inseparable friends Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg a lot of fun you know, so yesterday, these two, apparently, had fun.

Time for fun: Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg in funny outfits at a party in new York

In his microblog on Instagram Blasberg has posted a picture with Zhukova: Dasha's shoes in crimson, red and white socks and with a wreath on his head, and Derek - in bright pajamas with short shorts in peas.

What kind of event Dasha and Derek decided to visit this unknown. But we can assume that yesterday in new York, there was some kind of a costume Christmas party.

Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg

December 16, 2016

Nyusha had an affair with a powerful government official

The singer is in a relationship with Igor Sivov. The girl confessed during one of his concerts in front of thousands of hall, her heart unfree, but did not say who exactly her choice. However, the journalists managed to find out his name and occupation.

Nyusha had an affair with a powerful government official

Nyusha tries not to say anything about his personal life because he didn't want attention from the media workers. That is why for a long period of time, the actress hid the fact that she has a beloved man. However, in November, the actress admitted that her heart is not free. Fans also noted that her posts on social networks have become more romantic, and the girl literally glows with happiness.

Okazalos that Nyusha is in a relationship with Igor Sivov, who is the General adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation. The chosen singer is a native of Kazan. When in Tatarstan took the Universiade in 2013, he actively participated in the work of the Committee. A while Igor served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Kazan. The man was married, and had two growing children from his first marriage. In the early 90-ies Sivov was a member of the KVN team "Four Tatar".

Igor Sivov.

Igor maintains pages on social networks, but sanctifies them exclusively on operational issues and does not share personal pictures. Journalists caught him on a date with Bruno Mars in one of the Moscow restaurants. At the moment Sivov often flies to his native Kazan, as well as visits to Switzerland, where the headquarters of the International University sports Federation.

According to the environment Nyusha, she wanted to meet an adult and a strong man on whom one could rely on. Sivov spoil a girl with gifts and presents her huge bouquets of flowers. As it became known Life.ru the man even had met Vladimir and Irina, parents of the NYSE.


December 15, 2016

Victoria Lopyreva is struggling with a nervous breakdown

The model and presenter said about the dark side of success. Many people think that Victoria take things for granted, and her life consists of constant partying. In fact, the days of lopyrevoy is painted literally on minutes, and every day, stars takes place under time pressure.

Victoria Lopyreva is struggling with a nervous breakdown

Victoria Lopyreva – known TV presenter, model and Ambassador of FIFA from Rostov. She finds time not only for social events, filming and photo shoots for glossy magazines, but also for charity. Every Victoria day is painted literally on minutes. Many fans of lopyrevoy really do not understand how the star manages to do everything and look amazing in. However, as acknowledged by the celebrity reporters, schedule sometimes makes her angry.

Sometimes, very tired. Nervous, frustrated... But such is modern life — we need to move forward. Besides, I have many business commitments — I can't let people down,
- admitted Victoria.

The model and TV presenter has an assistant who helps her to settle arising matters. Victoria without it as without hands. Still, when busy seven days a week you can do something no one noticed or overlooked. Support lopyrevoy also has her mother Iryna, who gladly takes on the duties of Manager daughter.

Victoria Lopyreva

Despite his busy schedule, the star does not forget about the trips to beauty salons and meetings with friends. Victoria loves to relax in the Spa and try different treatments. Its perfect shape girl supports through regular workouts at the gym. In the microblog lopyrevoy you can find many publications on the topic of healthy lifestyle. In one of the posts celebrity admitted that starting the day with a water bottle and prefers to eat buckwheat, soups, salads and steamed vegetables on the grill. The model recommended to the subscribers in what does not deny , but know the measure and not abusing sweet. According to Victoria, it is best not to sit on a strict diet, and to adhere to proper food philosophy.

Victoria Lopyreva

Some Internet users believe that the appearance of the girl easily paved her way in the world of show business. In fact, however, lopyrevoy the path to success was arduous and full of trials. Future star went through a lot.

In Russia, let's be Frank, much to solve the communication or relationship. But a lot depends on the person, his intelligence, diligence, persistence. For example, I just got nothing, and it is not in my nature to spend days lying on the couch, 
- shared the celebrity.

Victoria also noted that the visual appeal is both a plus and a minus, because beauty is often the envy or annoyance of others, is quoted by star magazine Tatler.

Victoria Lopyreva

Lady Gaga presented the video for the song Million Reasons: the emotional story of sisters

Lady Gaga continues to delight their fans with recent works. So, today, the singer presented the video for the song Million Reasons, in which he shared personal experiences, in particular, she spoke about the relationship with my sister.

Lady Gaga presented the video for the song Million Reasons: the emotional story of sisters

Perfect Illusion goes right in this story...a story that is a look at my life,

- wrote on his Twitter page, the actress.

Recall that the premiere of the clip Perfect Illusion was held in September. The composition is the same Million Reasons - the second single included in last Studio album, which was named Joanne.

Lady Gaga Million Reasons

December 14, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio is resting in Cancun: a few extra pounds and a mysterious stranger

Haven't heard about Leonardo DiCaprio? Yes, just recently the actor quite a lot of free time - no Prime, interviews and grueling shoot, just rest. Yesterday, for example, Leo was spotted by paparazzi on a beach in Cancun.

Leonardo DiCaprio is resting in Cancun: a few extra pounds and a mysterious stranger

One of the most popular Mexican resorts DiCaprio arrived with best friend Lucas Haas, and also, as reported by the Western media, in the company of a mysterious stranger (where is Nina Agdal?).

However, this was not the only subject of discussion fans of the actor. The Network is now only and conversations that about the extra pounds that the newly acquired Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio is resting in Cancun

Leonardo DiCaprio in Cancun

Leonardo DiCaprio in Cancun

Leonardo DiCaprio in Cancun

The winner of the contest Beauty of Russia – 2016: what do we know about 18-year-old Lada Akimova from Iekaterinbourg

Tonight in Moscow ended the XXII national festival of beauty and talent "Beauty of Russia – 2016", the winner of which was the 18-year-old Lada Akimova (Ладе Акимовой). It awarded a crown and a title "Beauty of Russia – 2016". It's time to tell you about a young winner.


Lada Akimova family
Alexander and Lada at one of the beauty contests

Lada Akimova lived with her parents in Ekaterinburg. According to her, they insisted on the participation in the contest. By the way, 18 years of age the girl was little more than a month ago.

We sat down, discussed what it may bring, how it will affect my life. And decided that the chance of life is very rare. And I'm very happy that it happened
– Lada told reporters.

None of the family could not personally be present in the room during the final in Moscow, but they followed the course of events on the Internet.

Heart of the winner of competition "Beauty of Russia – 2016" proprietary, she meets a young man named Alexander, which you can see in the photos in her microblog. Lada said that he always supports her, but to please her, you have to be friendly, sensitive and kind person.


Lada Akimova Beauty of Russia – 2016

Lada Akimova this year graduated from high school and became a student of the Ural state mining University, selecting a major in international Manager. She also graduated from the vocal Department of the music school and the model school Ural Models, which takes three years. Interestingly, to engage seriously in a model of Lada was not planned – I came to Ural Models for the company with a friend, and after a while wanted to drop the class, thinking that it's not for her, but the teachers were persuaded to stay, and now a proud graduate. After winning the beauty contest Lada did not forget to thank them:

Thanks to all who are near, those who support or just watching me. Thank you to all the girls for warm company and friendly atmosphere! And, of course, special thanks to all the families and teachers,
– posted by Lada on his page in the social network.


Lada Akimova Beauty of Russia – 2016

In addition to the well-trained voices, which she, incidentally, is repeatedly demonstrated in public, Lada Akimova sports and boasts an excellent stretch – as she does the splits, seen in the photos in the social network. The winner of the title "Beauty of Russia – 2016" in addition, he enjoys fire and rescue activities and participated in national team competitions.