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18-year-old Philip Gazmanov's Dating a model named Anna Sheridan.

Philip Gazmanov and his girlfriend

After the scandal in the family Valeria and Joseph Prigogine the regiment of young politehnic the hearts of the offspring of celebrities arrived. The son of Oleg Gazmanov Philip had an affair with a blond model Anna Sheridan. For the first time 18-year-old pupil of the British school introduced a new passion to friends and family during the celebration of his birthday. Young people made a joint selfies and shared pictures on social networks. Gradually in the profiles of both lovers began to appear photos of the most popular night places in the city: a couple spends evenings in clubs and Dur?n Gipsy Bar in the company of Yuri Kiselev and other teenagers. Philip himself has repeatedly confessed his love to Anna in his instagram: "I don't need air because I breathe her", — signed photo of the girl is one of the most enviable grooms of Russia.

Philip and Anna spend a lot of time in Nightclubs

As we found out, in addition to a night of booze, along with a representative of the famous family Anna spends a lot of time in the company of a new girl Arseny Shulgin — a 21-year-old Anna Sheridan. Girls shop and go to restaurants, where, according to them, often talking heart to heart.

Anna with a close friend of Anna Sheridan

However, in the relationship of a close friend and the son of Valeria, as it turns out, aren't perfect. According to a source close to the family Prigogine, after returning home parents have blocked plastic cards of the young musician, and also called night clubs with a request not to let 17-year-old son to the party.

Anna Sheridan and Arseniy Shulgin

Recall that a few weeks ago, the son of Valerie Arseniy Shulgin, crazy for falling in love with 21-year-old student of Plekhanov University Anna Sheridan, dropped out of a prestigious music College named after F. Chopin in Moscow and, after arguing with his parents, left home.

Anna Sheridan and Arseniy Shulgin 01

Anna Sheridan and Arseniy Shulgin 1

Anna Sheridan and Arseniy Shulgin 001

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