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The stars boasted gifts for Valentine's Day. Microblogging celebrities on Valentine's Day is a gentle of recognition, lots of flowers, balloons in the shape of hearts and romantic pictures.
Husband of Evgeniia Guseva filled the trunk of the car white roses

Looks like Russian celebrities Valentine's Day is one of the most beloved holidays. The microblogging stars in social networks February 14 full hearts and wishes of love and happiness to each other and their fans.

Many famous girl has already boast of the gifts that they gave your favorite man. The former participant of "DOM-2" Evgeniia Guseva husband Anton Gusev congratulated in Instagram by publishing a photo of a car with a trunk stuffed to overflowing with white roses. But as it turned out, it was just a glimpse, a prelude to the future congratulations. A little later Anton has published photos taken in salon of its car. On the seat lies a huge bouquet of the freshest roses. "Race to congratulate his beloved wife Zhenechka with a holiday - written by Anton Evgeniia Guseva below the picture. - All the more love, understanding and sex!"

The wife of rapper Djigan Oksana Samoilova showed an incredibly romantic gift from husband – room, decorated with flowers and balloons in the shape of a heart. "Valentine from her husband, - commented on the photo in the microblog Oksana Samoilov. - All the love in the heart, happiness in life and flowers in the house."

Anton Guseva showed in the microblogging photo of a car with a trunk full of roses

A gorgeous bouquet boasted, and singer-Ksenia Novikova. The gift did to her husband Alexey Sorokin. By the way, the star and her significant other in the status of husband and wife celebrate Valentine's Day for the first time.

Some celebrities chose Valentine's Day to show in the microblogging not gifts, and affection to their other halves. Natalia Podolsky has published an archival photo with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov and his son Artem, made, apparently, at the time of discharge from the hospital. "Dearly beloved! Happy holidays to you! Family is everything in life! Like, work on yourself in the relationship, don't be lazy! And will fly on the wings and with a gentle smile on his face home after work," he appealed to the followers of a microblog Natalia Podolskaya.

Photo taken at the beginning of the acquaintance with her future husband, showed Evelina Bledans. "Happy Valentine's Day! Sasha, I'll always love you just like in that first photo! You are forever the main man in my life!", - he confessed his love to Alexander Semin Evelina Bledans.

lots of flowers, balloons in the shape of hearts and romantic pictures

Evgeniia Guseva

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