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The former participant "Houses-2" tries to forget about the past. Says Aliana, she doesn't like tattoos, which she did a few years ago. The young woman decided to get rid of the images on the body.

Aliana Ustinenko starts a new life after separation from her husband

A few weeks ago, Aliana Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov finally parted. According to the man, they realized that they can no longer live together because of the different characters. At the moment the young woman is actively engaged in the promotion of network business, as well as frequently communicates with followers on Instagram. Asserts the former participant of "House-2", it plans to develop further, so the priority it should work.

Besides, Aliana thought about how to reduce tattoo that was done a few years ago. A young woman three images: the image in the form of a tree decorates the lower back, near his collarbone crammed the name of the son in Latin, and another is located at the base of the neck.

"You know, I decided to remove all tattoos from his body. Why? Short answer: religious and aesthetic concepts. In my youth I made them and thought it was cool and beautiful. Now I don't think so, – said Aliana for its followers.

The tattoo that Aliana Ustinenko had dedicated the son

All tattoo removed with a laser. The master effect by using the camera on hammered paint skin. "All of this is excreted by lymph, by the regeneration of the skin," explained the young woman.

As a rule, the procedure of tattoo removal is very painful and costly. However, this has not stopped Aliano. She started to make image in one of the salons native of Volgograd, where he spent a lot of time in recent weeks. Before the young woman left a post on the personal page in which remembered deceased mother, Svetlana Ustinenko.

"And a day without you not a day and life without you is not life... All the soul, all the love in the same person. All the live just about you. Today, you could be 50 years, my favorite mommy. Still hard to realize. I'm not depressed just for the sake of you because I know you're there," wrote the reality star.

Aliana Ustinenko Tattoo removed by laser

In a word, Aliana lives in the house dad with his second family. Relatives often help her cope with her son Robert. Sometimes the boy stays with dad. Alexander doted heir and copes well with his father's duties.

Aliana Ustinenko has also regained some of the Ustinenko surname

Aliana Ustinenko surname

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