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Tonight in Moscow ended the XXII national festival of beauty and talent "Beauty of Russia – 2016", the winner of which was the 18-year-old Lada Akimova (Ладе Акимовой). It awarded a crown and a title "Beauty of Russia – 2016". It's time to tell you about a young winner.


Lada Akimova family
Alexander and Lada at one of the beauty contests

Lada Akimova lived with her parents in Ekaterinburg. According to her, they insisted on the participation in the contest. By the way, 18 years of age the girl was little more than a month ago.

We sat down, discussed what it may bring, how it will affect my life. And decided that the chance of life is very rare. And I'm very happy that it happened
– Lada told reporters.

None of the family could not personally be present in the room during the final in Moscow, but they followed the course of events on the Internet.

Heart of the winner of competition "Beauty of Russia – 2016" proprietary, she meets a young man named Alexander, which you can see in the photos in her microblog. Lada said that he always supports her, but to please her, you have to be friendly, sensitive and kind person.


Lada Akimova Beauty of Russia – 2016

Lada Akimova this year graduated from high school and became a student of the Ural state mining University, selecting a major in international Manager. She also graduated from the vocal Department of the music school and the model school Ural Models, which takes three years. Interestingly, to engage seriously in a model of Lada was not planned – I came to Ural Models for the company with a friend, and after a while wanted to drop the class, thinking that it's not for her, but the teachers were persuaded to stay, and now a proud graduate. After winning the beauty contest Lada did not forget to thank them:

Thanks to all who are near, those who support or just watching me. Thank you to all the girls for warm company and friendly atmosphere! And, of course, special thanks to all the families and teachers,
– posted by Lada on his page in the social network.


Lada Akimova Beauty of Russia – 2016

In addition to the well-trained voices, which she, incidentally, is repeatedly demonstrated in public, Lada Akimova sports and boasts an excellent stretch – as she does the splits, seen in the photos in the social network. The winner of the title "Beauty of Russia – 2016" in addition, he enjoys fire and rescue activities and participated in national team competitions.

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