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The singer is in a relationship with Igor Sivov. The girl confessed during one of his concerts in front of thousands of hall, her heart unfree, but did not say who exactly her choice. However, the journalists managed to find out his name and occupation.

Nyusha had an affair with a powerful government official

Nyusha tries not to say anything about his personal life because he didn't want attention from the media workers. That is why for a long period of time, the actress hid the fact that she has a beloved man. However, in November, the actress admitted that her heart is not free. Fans also noted that her posts on social networks have become more romantic, and the girl literally glows with happiness.

Okazalos that Nyusha is in a relationship with Igor Sivov, who is the General adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation. The chosen singer is a native of Kazan. When in Tatarstan took the Universiade in 2013, he actively participated in the work of the Committee. A while Igor served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Kazan. The man was married, and had two growing children from his first marriage. In the early 90-ies Sivov was a member of the KVN team "Four Tatar".

Igor Sivov.

Igor maintains pages on social networks, but sanctifies them exclusively on operational issues and does not share personal pictures. Journalists caught him on a date with Bruno Mars in one of the Moscow restaurants. At the moment Sivov often flies to his native Kazan, as well as visits to Switzerland, where the headquarters of the International University sports Federation.

According to the environment Nyusha, she wanted to meet an adult and a strong man on whom one could rely on. Sivov spoil a girl with gifts and presents her huge bouquets of flowers. As it became known Life.ru the man even had met Vladimir and Irina, parents of the NYSE.


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