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The singer has unveiled a family secret a few days after birth. Nadejda Granovskaya and her husband chose a name for your newborn daughter after much debate.

The ex-soloist of group "VIA Gra" Nadejda Granovskaya again became a mother on October 17. She bore her husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev girl. A newborn baby was the third child of the singer. Hope has two older children – thirteen-year-old son Igor from his first marriage and almost four-year daughter Anna, who became the first common child Granovskaya and Urzhumtsev. The star has previously admitted that he did not know what sex her baby is born. The expectant mother did not become interested in during pregnancy who is the son or daughter, she is under the heart. Nadejda wanted the intrigue was saved till the very appearance of her baby on light. Therefore the name for the unborn child she and her husband not pre-selected. And when a girl was born, the family began to argue about how to call it.

Nadejda Granovskaya and her husband wanted to choose for their baby the most beautiful and sonorous name, and for some time could not decide which of the many feminine of names worthy of their beautiful daughter. After much deliberation, the happy parents have come to a consensus. About how she and her husband named their little heiress, Nadejda Granovskaya told in the program "Frankly took me Efrosinina", which airs on channel "Ukraine".

He called my daughter Marika. The girl was born healthy, weighing in at 3,700 kg, growth - 53 sm,
 - reported in the first interview after birth of Nadejda Granovskaya. According to star, Marika was born a little earlier than planned doctor during pregnancy was observed Hope. According to their calculations, the baby had to be born at the end of October. Granovskaya husband went on a business trip, but arrived in Kiev on the same day, when his wife informed him that she went into labor. Urzhumtsev wanted to be personally present at the birth of his daughter born.

Care for a little Marina Granovskaya help older children recently came back from Italy with her 13-year-old son from his first marriage to Igor. And especially was pleased with the appearance of sister to light Anya, soon to be four years.
Being a mother of three children – very cool! said in an interview with Masha Efrosinina Nadejda Granovskaya. - And, if God gives us another baby, we'd take it.

Nadejda Granovskaya and her husband Mikhail Urzhumtsev don't plan to stop at three children

Nadejda Granovskaya

Nadejda Granovskaya

Nadejda Granovskaya

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